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January 2020

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Free Bird -Lynard Skynard
If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on, now,
There's too many places I haven't seen
And if I stayed here with you, now
Things just wouldn't be the same
Well I'm as free as a bird now,
And a bird you can not change.
And a bird you can not change.
And a bird you can not change.
Lord knows I can't change

Bye, bye, its been a sweet love.
And though this feeling I can't change.
Please don't take it badly,
The Lord knows I'm to blame.
And, if I stayed here with you now
Things just wouldn't be the same.
For I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you'll never change.
And the bird you can not change.
And the bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I can't change.
Lord help me, I can't change.
October 15 2004
R.I.P Dad hope heaven is treatin you better then down here did
Jessica saying I stole
"Im gonna kick ya in the head!"
the best thing was loving you...the worst thing was letting you go...the hardest thing is watching you never come back... i close my eyes and see your face ..i open them and see you staring at hers All i can say is that my life is really plan and i like watching the puddles gather rain

So Proud I HAVE to show off!

hey y'all
Sunday. 4.3.05 8:00 pm
hehe hey whats up....well my weekend ='ed boring as fuck.....fri i had a softball game...i got a lead off a base...WHOO HOO :-/ then i went to the auction and was there till forever then came home and slept and was sick all sat and so i couldnt go to practice....i was so pissed b.c i hate missing practice and coach was prolly pissed but i couldnt help it ....well to day was boring as fuck i watched the race...YAY...i didnt see the end haha shit now i dont know who won...ill ask...but i fogure ill come here and do a lil remodeling and shit like that ...if i can...just mainly puttin pics in so no biggie....but yea....well later on

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how great is that!
Monday. 3.28.05 7:40 pm
well this sat i had softball practice and i thought it was from 9 till noon when it was from 9 30 till noon so i got up early and get there early and blah blah so i was there early Then we were bunting and the pitching machine is going at 100 mph and Allison Hall puts the ball through and i go to bunt it and i get down low and it skimms the top of my bad and nails me right it the eye i fly back screaming AHHH and ripping off me helmet lol and goo AWWWW FUUUUUUCCCC GGGEEEEEEEEE lol salata comes running over b.c she was watching me making sure i was bunting right and shes like are you ok and im like yea holding my eye and shes like well you were doing fine you did it right lol then shes like well ill go get you some ice so i laid there and Daryl brown comes over and hes like oH no you have blood trickling down your chin and all i could think was my teeth and im like no i dont and hes like haha i knwo im cruel huh i should pick on you haha and im like i dont care and there like i would be proud of that one im like I AM haha b.c ive always wanted one and then hes like Man that hit the vein and broke it its stickin out pretty good and hes like if it broke your skin open youd be shott blood about 3 ft haha and then hes like ok ill stop pickin on ya haha so then salata gave me ice and i iced my eye and sat that then caught after like 15 mins...then bunted again b.c Tom Beardslee put mask on the helments but i was still shy and kept jumpin out of the box then my mom saw and was like yea youve always wanted one and thats my story haha i have a black eye....but for how fast and how hard that ball hit me my eye is weak....its barely bruised haha....then sunday easter...my mom out my basket in my room and forgot how hot my room gets and my candy melted lol then today i had practice and bunted and didnt back out so i think the mask helped well yeep thats my story so later on

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hehe another week
Friday. 3.25.05 7:18 pm
well this week was ok i guess it was another week of school and not to much softball which was great...well im not gonna tell you about my whole damn week..BORING...well wed as you know it snowed...YAY...not...well got out of school and we barley got up on the Mt. b.c there was , i swaer to god, about 5 in of fucking snow and then it kept snowing and would fucking let up sp we have about 8 in i think or about 9 i dont know im not good at measuring with my eyes but well i cleaned thursday and went to walmart and my mom bought 154$ worth of candy lol but today i did nothin well we went to bilo but WHOHOO hah well i came home and helped my mom make home made strawberry jam mmmm mmmm good then we made mac salad and dressed cheese burgers then she left and its just me scott danny ra ty and david home shandi is at the neighbors but yea thats so far my week i guess later on

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tired as hell
Wednesday. 3.16.05 7:58 pm
well im back then itll be like another week when i write in this again haha....well right now my life consist of school softball and homework....fun fun....NOT! well im been getting pretty beat up in softball ...its softbal been kickin my ass...still ..not good huh..well today was ok...my uncle pissed me off on the bus..i was in a grumpy mood b.c i was tired...then school was ok and last period i kept dozing off in chem omg i was so tired then i was to the bus and almost fell asleep there so my unle suggested i take a power nap and i did from 3:30(when i get home) until 4:05 hehe it was great i felt a lil better....theni got around for softball and ran and shit...then batted...i didnt feel good tonight and i kept getting cramps and i couldnt throw the damn ball right and GRR it just pissed me off ...and i really need to work on my batting ...like seriously..i cant hit like ne thing in the cage..but they got me doing a whole new swing roation or w.e you wanna call it so im adjusting..and came home talked to mom some...and im on here...yea WHOAH intersting huh? OH YAY April is gonna be great...OK heres about how its going...ok April 10 i get to go watch the yankies play YAY and ive never been in a big city so this is gonna be interesting hehe THEN April 14 i go to get my license..YAY YAY YAY YAY omg im SO frickin excited...hehhe THEN hehe JESSICA COMES HOME!!!! like April 16 YAY YAY i havent seen here sence like sept maybe...and the only reason she came home was because i was going crazy and my dad was dying so shes like well my family member is gonna die can i have leave and so they let her and YAY im so excited shes in the states for good...she goes to N.Carolina after a MONTH home YAY well thats about it + i have my lil sisters b-day and jessicas b-day so ya know....but yea thats my life for now so LATER ON

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and it keeps snowin...
Wednesday. 3.2.05 7:19 pm
well yesterday we had no school which was ok to me i mean ne day with no school is great to me! i cant WAIT till summer....ill be able to drive and fuck im prolly gonna be so fucked up all summer ....and best of all theres NO school:-D YAY ....but to day we had a 2 hr delay to bad we didnt have no school damn huh...well it was like a regular schedual b.c weve had 2 hr delays so much lol....went to softball and Salata gave a fuckin BIG ass bruise and it hurt...and Cameron and Tyler and MY OWN COUSIN Dylan were distracting me and sorta pissen me off...but oh well but yea that was my day i guess....later on

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let it snow
Thursday. 2.24.05 7:13 pm
well lets see OH you know ow i couldnt figure out what i did friday in my last entry well i figured it out....I WORKED....i worked at the iron skittet washing dishes lol WHEEW i thought i was going crazy lol but hmm lets see whats been going down....well my sister jackie and courtney got turned in for breakin in to brynne fishers house and stealing her shit which if you think about it WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY DO THAT....ok look at Brynnes height and then my sisters ok...then look at brynne and jackie...brynnes clothes would be too big....then look at courtney her clothes would be to big and so small in length lol COMMON commen sence....and plus my sister knows where the key is IF they wanted in there geese....and then my neighbors house almost got broken in to my bother shot at the guy twice ....they dont know who it is....and last night there ws a fire in sylvania i guess it was a meth lab...CRAZY HUH? but hopefully tom we get a 2 hr delay b.c i dont feel like school so early lol and then TOm i need to get natashia some thing for her b-day b.c her b-day party is saturday and then my sis and her friends want me to go drinkin with them but im not going to b.c Of natashias party and theres a creep there thats married and kept crawling all over me last time...YUCK.....lets see today was boring ...i have to figure out my classes for next year...yucky...i dontknow what to take but i know i only have 1 more math to go ...YAY....omg i hate being sick....hah ai got a physical today...WHOOHOOO....not really ..ya know i dont see why to girls physicals are so bad they dont even touch your privites ...but ok...Well im out my life is boring...AHH I HATE SIBLINGS I WISH I WERE AN ONLY CHILD!!!! but ight ...later on

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